NFT games have landed in a virtual space near you, with a whole load of new concepts and features. While there are quite a lot of buzzwords being thrown around whenever NFT games are mentioned, one definitely sticks out. Its whenever games are referred to as being play-to-earn. All video game lovers tend to suffer from the same guilt from their favourite pastime. The age-old feeling of having managed much in the game, without anything to reflect it tangibly in real life. Until now! Play to earn crypto games seek to change all of that, turning NFT games into something that is absolutely worth playing.

But what is play-to-earn?

The model that these titles employ builds on traditional game economies, combining them with blockchain technology to create more tangible rewards. It creates a system where players can earn rewards that are worth money in real life by simply playing the game. This is where NFTs are incredibly handy. In a lot of NFT games, a lot of items, equipment, characters, etc are all minted NFTs on a blockchain. The non-fungible nature of these tokens means that the asset’s value can fluctuate accordingly, but it also gives it a unique value. Players are free to trade, sell and buy accordingly which can see them turning a profit. In other circumstances, play to earn games give players direct crypto tokens that can be sued in game or sold off as well.

But what are the best play-to-earn blockchain games out there? Our play-to-earn games list will give you an insight into the very best titles that execute this model well. Sift through the collection we’ve out together, who knows there might a fantastic play to earn game for you to make some money from. 

Doge Dash

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Starting off as a simple meme, the doge phenomenon has grown to unimaginable proportions. Apart from having its very own cryptocurrency, the doge meme has also spawned this crypto game. Doge Dash takes on the form of a Mario-like platformer.
You play as the titular doge and must make your way across 10 diverse levels, running and jumping to avoid enemies to get to the finish line. Every level yields a variety of rewards, which can result in something quite useful should you manage to complete all 10 levels.

The game looks fantastic, with a cool art design that is executed perfectly through lively animations. This isn’t really the sort of game you’ll be sinking too many hours into though. Though gameplay is very engaging, it also tends to be quite repetitive, and players might get bored after a while. It’s meant to be the sort of game that you play on the go for a few minutes, attempting to get to the end of the 10th level to claim your prize. This is where the Doge Dash play to earn aspect comes in. Players who manage to get through all 10 levels will walk away with all the coins that they earned during their respective playthrough. It’s a great initiative, which separates Doge Dash from similar mobile platformers. Looking to earn some cash while you lead your doge across countless dangers from the comfort of your smartphone? Doge Dash might just be the right fit for you!


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MMORPGs used to be the talk of the town back in their day. Nowadays the genre has lost a lot of its popularity, but games like Onyx might just brin them back from the brink. Delivering players, a fantasy RPG setting, where they can create their very own character and set about solving quests and missions, the game uses a play to earn model on its in-game economy.
Pick from one of six unique classes to begin and journey through the game world to unlock new gear and items that can push your quest further. New areas are unlocked along the way with more exciting challenges to face.

It’s a marriage of two great worlds, merging MMORPGs with the innovative blockchain technology of NFT games. Players can level up their characters and earn loot that is minted as an NFT on the blockchain. Resources gathered in the game also come in the form of a crypto token which can help you level your character further. It can also be traded or sold for real money. A variety of game modes always keep players on their heels, ready to engage in new and exciting ways to play. Most importantly, all the efforts you put into Onyx will be helping you to earn money through their exquisitely designed structure. So, don your armour and unsheathe your blades, as you prepare to embark on Onyx’s play-to-earn adventure with plenty of rewards to be discovered.


mir4 nftgame banner - mrnftgames
Who said NFT games couldn’t look good? MIR4 is an NFT MMORPG that is brought to life through the power of Unreal Engine. The game looks fantastic, with visuals that truly make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Taking inspiration from the 2004 MMORPG hit Legend of MIR, MIR4 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, weaving a dense tale of magic, sorcery, and adventure.
Players pick their very own character class and level them up in a world filled with monsters, intrigue, and danger. Apart from a wide world filled with PVE activities, players can also duel each other in online PVP battles. Whether you choose to battle AI enemies or challenge skilled players is entirely up to you. The fun truly begins once you reach level 40, when you unlock MIR4’s play to earn features.

Daksteel tokens that earned in game can be smelted into Draco cryptocurrency. This allows you to trade, withdraw or sell accordingly. Draco can be converted into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more cryptocurrencies of your choice. Additionally, players can choose to mint their characters into NFTs and sell them online. It’s a great way to make money and levelling up a great character build can fetch quite a handsome reward. Of course, these characters will need to be at the top of their game and not just any old avatar. The better levelled and equipped your character, the higher the price they will fetch.


Solchicks nftgame banner - mrnftgames
A breeding and collectible PVP game, Solchicks focused solely on the Solana token. As one of the fastest blockchain technologies, Solana is gaining a lot of ground, with many games choosing to base their very own economies on the currency.
That’s where Solchicks comes in. The game has players purchasing and breeding solchicks, characters which can be used to effectively battle in PVP. It’s an interesting concept, one which promotes Solana play-to-earn by offering it as an in-game resource and a reward for any accomplishments achieved in-game.

In fact, Solchick NFTs can be bought from many Solana marketplaces, before players get started within the game. Players earn $Chickstokens and Solcoins which are used to purchase new characters or materials that will help with the game. Players may also breed more solchicks and sell these on the market accordingly. On the downside, the game is not free to play. Instead, players will need to purchase a solchick before they can start playing. It’s a similar formula to what we’ve seen in Axie infinity and one that can drive away quite a few potential players.


Townstar nftgame banner - mrnftgames
Farming has been at the heart of human societies since the dawn of the agricultural revolution, thousands of years ago. Although most people around the world don’t engage in any sort of agricultural business in today’s world, the itch for that little bit of farming. From Farmville’s astounding success to multiple releases of Farming Simulator, the gaming world has always had a fascination with farming.
With the dawn of NFT gaming, it’s only fitting that the platform gets its very own farming title. That’s where Townstar comes in. 

Players can build up farms and create towns in this farming NFT strategy game. It’s already building up quite a following, with over 700,000 towns having been built and more than $2 million being given out to players. That’s right. Townstar is a play to earn game that gives you monetary rewards for competing in game objectives. The main aim here is to obtain 1,000 stars in Townstar’s daily quests. This then rewards you with 1 Town Coin that can be traded or sold on the marketplace for real money. There is an entry fee, in the fact that players must own a Townstar NFT before they can earn any in game Town Coins. You’ll spend most of your time building and collecting resources, but you’ll be doing all of this in gorgeous cartoon visuals that lend a light tone to the experience. What’s more, the game can be played on Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS devices, so you can keep building and strategizing your town at anytime and anywhere.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party nftgame banner - mrnftgames
Party games will always have a special place in gamers’ hearts. The likes of Fall Guys entertained the masses when it released a few years ago and Blankos Block Party follows in its footsteps. The Blankos are avatars you get to buy and play with. They are all uniquely minted NFTs on the blockchain and serve as collectibles within the game. This means that their rarity and value are subject to go up and down accordingly.
As the player, you will need to take part in a series of competitions to win and earn game currency. Racing, energy gathering, and more are on offer and layers will need to give it all they’ve got to make it to the finish line. 

The play to earn model rewards players with game resources and currency that can be used to further accessorize your Blankos or even buy you additional characters. The resources and upgrades can be sold on the marketplace, fetching quite a decent price depending on their respective rarity. Daily, weekly, and seasonal missions will keep you coming back for more, with bigger and better rewards being given to players who achieve the most challenging of quests. Rewards start from as little as one star and can potentially be as incredible as a rare NFT. The latter is generally given to players who manage to complete an entire seasonal mission. If partying and making money are on your agenda, be sure to give Blankos Block Party a go!


silks nftgame banner - mrnftgames
The races attract people from all walks of life. Some with an interest in horse breeds and racing technique, others with a desire to make a quick buck. Silks is an NFT game that merges a variety of mechanics to create a virtual horse racing/breeding game. Sounds strange? Well, the concept might appear a bit odd on paper, but it is incredibly interesting.
Players can purchase virtual horses that are based on real life counterparts. These virtual horses have their DNA, bloodlines and more based specifically on real life horses. They are also minted NFTs on a blockchain and unique in their own way. 

Your role as the player is twofold. The first part has you breeding various horses together creating new breeds that can be rarer than anything you’ve ever seen before. The new breeds you create can be sold for a profit on the marketplace or the can be used in the game’s second feature, races. Races you enter with your horses will also be mirrored by real life performances of the horses that they are based on. It follows the line of fantasy football, with your selection’s performance mirroring the real-life counterpart. Players can also place wagers on other horses to try make some extra cash. Players can make money by breeding their horses, selling them, and strategically placing them in races.


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Dipping into the metaverse, Decentraland offers players a virtual world that they can explore, modify, and live in. It’s essentially a life simulator, where players can own property and do as they please with the land they have. This gives players total control over their creations, opening a world of virtual possibilities.
You can hang out in playgrounds, visit art galleries, or even watch a film at the local cinema. The world is completely run by the community itself, so the players get to have a say in what exists and how it is executed. That’s where the name, Decentraland comes from. As a decentralized platform, players get to decide everything, without having a centralized organization dictating what can and cannot be done. As you might imagine, the possibilities are endless.

Decentraland play-to-earn structures are also in place. The LAND token plays an important role in all of this. As the game’s currency, players will need to have LAND to move around the world, experience the opportunities it has to offer and even create experiences themselves. LAND tokens are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and players will need to acquire these to make a name for themselves in tis virtual world. If players want to, they can also exchange these for real money accordingly. With all the openness on offer her, players can think up various ways to make money. 

The Best Play to Earn NFT Games

As you have witnessed from our list of best play-to-earn NFT games, these titles are incredible varied and offer players different ways to earn money while they play. Whether you’re in to fantasy RPGs, party games or farm simulators, you’ll be sure to find the right game for you to earn money from. The NFT platform is still building its following and developers are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to implement play to earn strategies. Some games lend themselves better than others, but the titles that stand out the most are the ones that think outside the box to create innovative ways to play and earn. It’s a truly exciting time to see how this budding platform will develop and as NFT gaming gains more ground, we can’t wait to see what developers cook up soon. Who would have thought that your gaming time could be so fruitful?

If you’re interested in trying out some of these play-to-earn NFT games, be sure to give them a go and see if they’re worth your time. If you’re worried about having to fork out money before trying the games, check out our list of free-to-play NFT games. The NFT world can be quite confusing for a newcomer and so, it’s a safer way of trying out the games before making any sort of financial commitment. Games like God Unchained and Splinterlands can be a good way to get started. And if you’re looking for NFT games to enjoy on the go, our list of top NFT mobile games will sort you out. As always, remember to check back to MrNFTGames for the latest news, tips, and guides on the wonderful world of NFT gaming.