Untamed Planet raise $24.3 million to develop NFT games

Untamed Planet raise $24.3 million to develop NFT games

Untamed Planet, the eco-driven NFT initiative has been hard at work raising money to fund its ambitious projects. In fact, it has raised $24.3 million to create metaverse, NFT-based games that center around immersive, nature-oriented themes. The company at the center of this investment is Animoca Brands, a massive name in blockchain and NFT based gaming. In fact, the company has already invested in over 200 blockchain initiatives. Through this partnership, both Untamed Planet and Animoca Brands will work together to create the Untamed Metaverse. The game will focus on creating environmental awareness and a sustainable game ecosystem. 

Investing In Nature Oriented NFT Games

In the same way that NFT games have digitized card gaming, creature games and even horse racing, Untamed Metaverse seeks to digitize the world’s wildlife. Players will be able to lose themselves in an immersive 3D experience that mirrors the world’s most stunning wildlife locations. Within this mirrored image, players can complete quests, explore stunning vistas, form communities, and earn NFTs in the process. Untamed Planet promises that all the in-game experiences will have a direct and positive consequence on the real world. Apart from the game providing a play-to-earn model for players to take advantage of, Untamed Metaverse will also be giving away hefty donations to nature organizations around the globe, in an effort to safeguard the game’s real-world counterparts. This conservation program is pushed forward through Untamed Planet’s collaboration with WildArk. The NGO works hand in hand with other organizations around the world, promoting community-led conservation movements that keep a watchful eye on biodiversity and secure wildlife spaces.

A More Sustainable Way of Working

Perhaps people might raise an eyebrow at the idea of NFT Games safeguarding the world’s environment. The technology is notoriously high on energy consumption, drawing heavy criticism from green activists around the globe. So, how can these two concepts merge? Untamed Planet has explained how it seeks to find better ways to make NFT technology more energy efficient. This starts by choosing a blockchain that champions better sustainability, using low energy consumption to drive the technology in a better direction. In fact, the initial set of NFTs that Untamed Planet is releasing have been minted on the Solana blockchain. Solana is incredibly energy efficient and could hold the key to a more sustainable blockchain future.

Conserving the Environment with NFT Gaming

Untamed Planet’s initiative is gaining ground thanks to incredible investments such as this. With a noble cause in mind and an efficient roadmap to back it up, it seems like the Untamed Metaverse could be on its way to fulfilling its promise. We hope to see more of these projects in the future, finding ways to better NFT technology, while also using it to push for a better future.

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