PlanckX to Launch New Marketplace

PlanckX to Launch New Marketplace 

PlanckX, the open blockchain gaming assets trading platform, has announced its new marketplace. This improved relaunch will offer users a cleaner and more streamlined interface, one which will add unprecedented benefits for NFT gamers and blockchain content creators. At the end of 2021, PlanckX announced its roadmap for this year, outlining its plans to make its platform a better, more accessible trading platform that Web3 gamers will flock towards. This new vision seeks to give blockchain gamers a fantastic platform, complete with cross-chain transaction services from games to tokens. This will create a more streamlined experience that players can enjoy within their favorite NFT games.

Growing the NFT Asset Space

One of PlanckX’s core promises is to offer players a fully decentralized game asset trading platform. In following this promise, the company has added game ranking and NFT trading pages to its homepage. This gives players an unprecedented level of freedom, allowing them to search for the most popular play-to-earn games and high-frequency NFTs. All this information is constantly updated in real-time, ensuring players get to maximize their profits.

This kind of update could prove to be a real game-changer in the NFT space. At the moment, players struggle to determine the worth of NFTs, with values rising and falling without much notice. This update will give players a better understanding of the situation, allowing them to make better choices when trading. The new marketplace will also address the need for better NFT asset security. PlanckX has implemented an updated IPFS technology onto its new platform. This improves transmission speed and ensures better safety for users and their assets, protecting them from both hackers and human error. 

An Improved Marketplace

This update also brings PlanckX’s highly anticipated Valar into the mix. The main series browser will be offered in the beta version but will still have key features that allow for faster transactions and an even better level of compatibility. The new browser will also reduce the consumption of game assets for trading users. Users can also conduct cross-chain NFT transactions on the PlanckX platform, thanks to the unique Layer 2 and Valar. The PlanckX main chain will also offer a zero handling fee, giving users a much friendlier game asset trading platform.

Growing StrongerThese improvements are the main outline of the new marketplace. With this update, PlanckX pushes the entire platform forward, offering an unprecedented level of security and functionality. If the company manages to deliver on all that it promises, it could usher in a new era for both and blockchain technology. The significant updates that this marketplace brings to the table have the chance to increase trust in the platform, thus allowing for more users to join in on blockchain technology and NFTs. This all remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that we’re incredibly excited about this new, updated marketplace.

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