InfiniGods Raises $9 Million for NFT Game Development

InfiniGods Raises $9 Million for NFT Game Development

InfiniGods have established itself as one of blockchain gaming’s most exciting companies. The developer has a clear idea of the kind of games it wants to put out there, mixing mythological elements with blockchain technology to create enjoyable experiences. InfiniMerge has already made its way to players and the company continues to tease future releases like InfiniTowers and Infinite Empires. So, it comes as no surprise to see that the company has managed to raise an incredible $9 million to fund future NFT game projects.

The Future of InfiniGods

Run by a team of experienced game developers that have created countless experiences on web and mobile, InfiniGods now looks towards the blockchain gaming world. Having achieved a measure of success with previous endeavours, the company has instilled confidence in investors, who are banking on InfiniGods to champion the future of blockchain technology. In fact, the development company has just secured a $9 million investment, led by none other than Pantera Capital. Other investors include big names such as Animoca Brands, Framework Ventures, Jefferson Capital and Double Peak. This follows from other NFT game investment announcements, showing an increased interest in the sector. InfiniGods has expressed its interest in creating more blockchain games that will usher in a new era of gaming, powered by Web3.0. 

More Interest in NFT Gaming

An investment such as this bodes well for the blockchain gaming industry. With investors placing their trust in InfiniGods, we can expect to see bigger and bolder projects come to the forefront. InfiniGods says that players can expect no less than three new NFT games to be released in 2022, with NFTs, in-game crypto and DAO governance tokens taking centre stage. Two titles have already been announced under the working titles of InfiniTowers and Infinite Empires. The company seeks to qualm players’ fears about play-to-earn models and aims to use its experience and reputation to instil a new sense of trust in this modern platform. With great gameplay, beautiful visuals and reasonably implemented features, InfiniGods looks to shape the future of web and mobile gaming through the power of blockchain technology.

A Step into the Future

Investments such as these are crucial to pushing a platform forward. NFT games have moved into a new phase, one where investors have seen their worth through the initial projects that they have moulded. At this point, a big investment such as this means that we can see more NFT game projects make their way to the market. With more funding, come bolder projects, ones which can push the platform into its next phase. InfiniGods has done a fantastic job of establishing a good reputation within its field and it can hopefully continue to secure more investments to push its project further.

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