Grit on Epic Game Store

Grit is Epic Game Store’s First Blockchain Game

We’ve talked time and time again about the possibility of NFT games entering the mainstream video game sector. It’s the main step forward for the platform, pushing for even bigger investment and player outreach. Yet we know gamers tend to resist change, especially one that comes with monetary goals at its heart. Huge platforms like Valve’s Steam have expressed their disinterest in blockchain technology, instating a ban on all Web 3.0 games. It’s still a very divisive subject, but strides are being made by some companies to legitimize the platform. This is where Epic Games comes in. The gaming behemoth has just announced the first NFT game that will be hitting the Epic Games Store late this year. It’s a Wild West Battle Royale and it goes by the name of Grit.

Legitimizing the NFT Gaming Platform

Although blockchain technology has its merits in gaming, the concept has not gone down particularly well with mainstream gamers. Notoriously known to adopt a standoffish approach towards any form of change, the gaming community has been verbal about its concerns regarding NFT games. The idea of money being at the core of a game’s mechanics and features doesn’t bode well. Mainstream gamers want to stick to a system where games are bought at a set price and then enjoyed to the full. In their view, NFT gaming represents a threat to gaming projects that are made with narrative and gameplay experience in mind rather than mindless cash cows.

This is where games like Grit can try to bridge the gap. It’s quite the task, turning opinions around and convincing players that an NFT game can be full of quality. But as daunting a task as it may be, Grit has this opportunity to show gamers that blockchain technology can have its merits in gaming. It might even be worth a shot.

Braving the Wild West in Grit

Developed by Gala Games, Grit takes place in a Wild West setting, offering players an engaging Battle Royale experience. As one of the latest NFT games to be released this year, the title is pushing for a more mainstream audience and its inclusion in the Epic Game Store is a huge step forward. Players get the opportunity to play in solo, duo, or squad modes, with over 400 weapons to choose from. The game will be launching as free-to-play later in 2022.

A New Dawn for Blockchain Gaming

Epic Games has a long history of success in multiplayer gaming. The company is behind the ever-successful Unreal Engine and managed to create huge hits like Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. But will their support of blockchain gaming be another road to success? Only time will tell if Grit goes down as one of the best NFT games to grace the mainstream market.

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