is a football fantasy NFT game. Built with a play-to-earn model in mind, the game is powered by the Coin of Champions cryptocurrency. The game releases new player cards every season, with a variety of scarcity levels determining their value.

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T&C applies

T&C applies.


  • High prize pools – is banking a lot of its potential on offering its managers one of the largest prize pools in any fantasy football game.
  • Great backing and powered by Coin of Champions 
  • Card packs available for purchase – New player cards are released every season, with a variety of scarcity levels
  • Monthly ranking rewards 


  • Limited amount of officially licensed teams

About Casino

Conceptualised and developed by Unitos, is a football fantasy NFT game. Built with a play-to-earn model in mind, the game is powered by the Coin of Champions cryptocurrency. The game releases new player cards every season, with a variety of scarcity levels determining their value. The player cards themselves are presented as NFTs, with a variable value that can fluctuate accordingly throughout the season. Players can purchase these cards directly or through an auction system, with rarer cards fetching higher prices. These cards are then used to play in the leagues with several divisions catering for different budgets and card scarcity levels.

The league comes to life twice a week, with two matchdays covering mid-week and weekend fixtures. There are currently 98 officially licensed clubs, with many more underway. already has several top tier players under its belt, with the likes of Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Haland and more featuring with their own cards. Managers will need to utilise these cards to create a team of 11 players. As with all fantasy football games, your team’s score will be based on the player’s actual performance in a match they play. The various league divisions offer plenty of rewards and prizes that are given out in MNG, the game’s internal currency. These match day prizes and manager ranking rewards can be quite lucrative with figures hovering around the 50k MNG mark.

But how exactly does work? Is this the definitive NFT fantasy football game, or does it still have a way to go? We’ll be covering all of this and more in our review below.

Deposits / Withdrawals uses its very own internal currency, MNG. The stable value for 1 MNG is $1. As such, players can buy MNG with real money in order to fund their purchases. MNG is awarded in-game as any form of league or leaderboard prize. The currency can be used to buy NFT cards on the primary and secondary markets. Any trades or sales you make off NFT cards will also be done using this currency. Its worth noting that there are different types of MNG currency. Liquid and non-withdrawable MNG is obtained through Match Day games and monthly leaderboards. Any MNG obtained from exchanges following a deposit are also non-withdrawable. Of course, these funds can still be used to purchase other NFT cards. The MNG you make from the sale of NFT cards, as well as commissions to customer affiliates and NFT card loan agreements are all withdrawable.

Speaking of which, in, cards can be loaned out to other managers. Users can decide to loan out any cards that they won’t be using on specific matchdays. Other users can then submit a loan offer and if the original owner thinks it is suitable, then the card is loaned out. The money and card are exchanged, and the card remains in the renter’s collection or the duration of the loan period. Once this has ended, the card is then returned to the owner’s account.

Players can also buy, sell and exchange NFT cards at the secondary market. This is the best way for players to turn a profit from playing the game. The seller lists a card for sale and sets the asking price. Potential buyers will make an offer, and should the seller accept, then the transaction is processed. Both the card and asking price are transferred accordingly.

How the Game Works

As with all fantasy football games, Manager creates a space for people to take on the role of a football manager. The game offers a variety of leagues to take part in, with a selection of divisions that cater to different budgets and card collections. Managers can submit one line-up for every league, with a team made up of 11 players. Each team must consist of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 forwards and 1 substitute. A captain must also be assigned to the team, gathering an additional 15% in points, based on their score as a player.

There are four leagues you can participate in: Regular, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. As the entry level league, the Regular league only asks players to have a total of any 11 player cards. On the other hand, the Rare league requires players to have at least 9 rare cards. Using two regular cards in the rare league will cost you a penalty of 40% for each card. The Super league follows a similar structure, requiring a minimum of 7 super rare cards, while the very exclusive Unique league requires 5 unique cards. In both cases, filling up any missing spots with cards of lower rarity will incur the 40% penalty on each card. The penalty reduces this amount from the total score.

A training team can also be set up. The manager will need to purchase a trainer card, allowing them to set up a training them that exists outside of the match day squad. This training team consists of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 forwards and 2 substitutes. The trainer card’s rarity will determine the level of cards that can be deployed in your training team. Player cards cannot have a rarity level that goes above that of the trainer card. 

All players selected to take part in match day tournaments must be playing on that respective match day. Their score is based on a number of factors. Points are assigned on the number of time spent on the field, attacking and defensive manoeuvres, goals, deflections, cards and even saves. Once all these points have been worked out, the result is multiplied by captain percentage, penalties incurred and experience points. The captain percentage is the 15% bonus that 1 player in your team gets. Experience points are added to a player card with each match. New cards start off with 5 experience points and can reach a maximum of 15. Cards increase their experience points throughout the season, with additional points being earned for cards that are included in the match day line-ups. A player card’s result is finally multiplier according to that respective match’s score. If the match ended in a draw, the result is multiplied by 1. If the match ended in a victory, then the result is multiplied by 1.5. A loss will incur a multiplication by 0.75, effectively reducing the total score. Data used to analyse these statistics is provided by, with all points and results being based on these figures. 

Weekly prizes are given away to tournaments and their participants. The total prize pool for weekly tournaments is based on the number of cards that have been sold in the primary market. The prize pool is then divided between the four divisions. In line with their play-to-earn model, make sure that at least 10% of all participating managers in a tournament get a share of the prize. Of course, the top-ranking players get a much bigger share. The division of prize money is based on the number of participants that take part in the tournament. The larger the number of participants in the tournament, the smaller the shares of the prize money.

Managers are also ranked on a monthly basis. The leaderboard takes into consideration the points that have been earned during match days as well as purchases that have been made in the primary market. Match day scores are also awarded differently, based on the division that the manager plays in. Regular, Rare, Super Rare and Unique divisions give a 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x score multiplier respectively. Managers also receive an additional point for every 100 MNG that have been spent on cards in the primary market. The monthly manager rewards follow a similar path to that of the weekly tournaments. 10% of all competing managers will get prizes, with the higher-ranking users taking a bigger chunk of the total prize money.

Customer Support

Players running into any issues can contact’s customer support team via email on There is also a comprehensive set of game rules available on the game’s website, which can help iron out any queries related to’s gameplay regulations.


What is is a fantasy football NFT game, powered by Coin of Champions. In it, players assume the role of a football club manager, picking their squad to take part in weekly leagues. The leagues have two match days a week, mirroring real-life football fixtures happening in the middle of the week and on weekends. Managers must pick a set of players in varying positions and submit their line-up for that specific match day. The scores for the team will be based on the player’s performance in real life. The tournament’s winner and top 10% managers will receive a prize at the end of the competition.

How can I buy NFT cards on utilises an internal currency called MNG. 1 MNG has a stable price of $1 and can be used to purchase player cards. New cards are released every season and players get the opportunity to purchase these through a card pack or an auction system. Regular cards are bought in packs of 5, with 1 card per pack having a minimum of 50 points. Users can find 1 rare card per 50 regular packs and 1 super rare card per 100 packs. Rare cards may also be purchased at a starting price of 2 MNG. On the other hand, Super Rare cards start at 20 MNG. In both cases, these cards can be bought through an auction system. In this structure, any new bid must be made at an increase of 5% on the previous amount. Any last-minute bids will increase the auction’s time by 10 seconds.

How many player cards do I need to play

Managers will require a minimum of 11 regular cards to play in the entry level, Regular League. These players must be from a variety of positions, with a minimum of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 forwards and 1 substitute. On the other hand, playing in the Rare league requires 9 rare cards and competing in the Super Rare league requires 7 super rare cards. The top tier Unique league asks for a minimum of 5 unique cards. The remainder of the player cards ma be substituted with inferior level cards, but this will incur a 40%-point penalty on each card. 

How are player scores calculated at

As with any fantasy football game, calculates its points on the match day’s actual fixtures. All starting players will instantly get 10 points, with an increase of 0.3 points for every minute they spend on the pitch. Additional points are added according to their performance. This includes successful passes, recovered balls, accurate passes, duels won, shots on goal, goals and more. Similarly, points are reduced for any negative performance or behavior. Failed crosses and passes, fouls committed, and bookings all reduce points from the player. The final match score is then multiplied by the card’s experience points. Experience points on any new card are set to 5 and increase throughout the season. They can reach a maximum of 15. Any captains you have on your team will also get a 15% bonus. All the player’s points are then added together to calculate your squad’s total score.

What prize money can I win in calculates its prize pool money on the number of cards that are sold on the primary market. This means that if record sales are reached on any given week, the tournaments taking place then will have a prize pool that matches those sales. always rewards the top 10% of managers who participate in these competitions. The prize money is split accordingly, with the top-rated managers bagging a bigger share than the rest. Of course, given these percentages, the smaller the number of participants, the higher these prizes will be. Prizes are also given on a monthly basis, with manager leaderboards offering similar prizes to the weekly tournaments.

How do I make money playing adopts a play-to-earn model, which means that players can efficiently make money from playing the game. The in-game currency, MNG is split into liquid and non-withdrawable currency, as well as withdrawable currency. MNG earned through tournaments and leaderboards may not be withdrawn but can be used to purchase in game cards. On the other hand, any cards sold on the secondary market will yield withdrawable currency. As such, players can make money by investing in NFT cards and selling them to turn a profit.


  • High prize pools – is banking a lot of its potential on offering its managers one of the largest prize pools in any fantasy football game. The game offers these enticing rewards for each and every league it organises. 10% of all participating managers will all get a share of the prize money, with higher ranking spots getting the lion’s share of the prize money. This system ties into the game’s play-to-earn model, which has more managers earning a reward for their in-game work. These rewards are given out in MNG, which is the game’s internal currency. This can also be used to purchase additional NFT cards. 1 MNG has a stable price of $1 and prizes from these tournaments can reach even 50k MNG. It’s an even formula, allowing for players to be rewarded for their efforts, while giving an added bonus to those who manage to finish at the top.
  • Great backing and powered by Coin of Champions – is powered by Coin of Champions. This cryptocurrency is supported by current and past athletes, with the aim of accomplishing a series of objectives along the way. The tokens are used to fund international non-profit organisations that work to create better opportunities for under-privileged areas. The aim is to bring sport back to the heart of these environments, providing better sporting facilities ad activities to those who need them. The token’s purpose is to build a better sporting community for young, underprivileged people around the world. The list of athletes who support Coin of Champions and is huge, with legends like Filippo Inzaghi, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Wesley Sneijder, Cristian Vieri and more onboard. 
  • Card packs available for purchase – New player cards are released every season, with a variety of scarcity levels, including Regular, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. While Unique cards are only available for purchase through an auction system, the rest of them can also be bought through card packs. Think of them as the digital version of a Panini sticker pack. You get 5 cards in a pack, with at least one card having a value of over 50 points. You can find 1 Rare card in every 50 packs and 1 Super Rare card in every 100 packs. Although Rare and Super Rare cards will not be dropping all too often, the card pack system still allows for players to get higher tier cards from regular purchases. 
  • Monthly ranking rewards – Apart from offering prizes based on performances in individual leagues, also offer Manager Ranking rewards. Manager leaderboards run on a monthly basis, with the top performing managers taking up the top spots on the list. These rewards are also quite substantial and can match the same prizes found in monthly leagues. 


  • Limited amount of officially licensed teams – Although plans to continue increasing its list of officially licensed football clubs, it currently works with a relatively small number of teams. The be exact, the game has 98 football clubs on its list, but it is still lacking many key names. This can deter some players who might be looking to play only if their specific team and their players are included.

User Reviews

  • Having played similar title before, I wasn’t sure of what to expect from and I’m happy to say that it exceeded my expectations. It was really easy to get used to the way the game works. It was simple to buy some card packs and get started. The leaderboards are another great touch that I look forward to every month. 
  • I like the way takes a more fun approach at the game, the cards and the players. The point allocation is clear and straightforward, and it really helped me pick the right players for my squads during match days.
  • Although I really enjoyed my time playing, the game is still missing so many key clubs and players that I follow. It’s a shame not to have them on board just yet. Will definitely come back to it when more teams and players have been licensed.
  • I love fantasy football cos it really connects me to what’s going on right now in the football world. manages to do just that and with its weekly tournaments, I’m constantly looking for the latest scoop to make my squad picks.


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