NFT games have eased their way into a lot of mainstream gaming platforms. Although AAA games on consoles and PC systems might still shy away from the technology, other avenues of play have embraced crypto gaming. Sure, most titles still base their main versions on desktop applications and browsers, but many games have expanded their range of accessible platforms. And in these circumstances, no platform fits in better than mobile gaming. NFT Mobile Games are quite a hit with players and with the portable devices’ popularity, it’s no surprise to see why.

Mobile gaming took on a whole new dimension over the past decade. What used to be limited 16-bit titles evolved into full scale games with impressive visual presentations and intuitive touch controls. The shift came with the popularity of smartphones, with their powerful hardware, touchscreen capability and internet connectivity. This change was spearheaded by the iPhone’s launch back in 2007. The innovative product changed the mobile market as we knew it, heralding a new age for mobile gaming in the process. Games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Temple Run became hits with the millions of iPhone users who reveled in their device’s ground-breaking technology. The arrival of Google’s very own Android devices a few years later continued to increase innovation, with Candy Crush Saga, Farmville and Pokémon Go becoming global trends.

Many NFT games recognize the importance of the platform and have offered a variety of mobile access to their titles. But what are the best mobile NFT games of 2022? We’ll be having a look at the top NFT mobile games that are currently available.

Axie Infinity

axie infinity nft game - mrnftgames
The monster game is one of NFT gaming’s most recognizable names, gathering a massive following of players and fans. Molding itself in the likes of Pokémon and Spore, Axie Infinity invites players to build their own monster collection.
This can be done by purchasing new characters or breeding new ones by mating existing creatures. The action culminates in 3v3 battles that can be done in both PVE and PVP scenarios. PVE takes a roguelike approach to gameplay and players will need to battle increasingly difficult squads of Axie creatures to earn rewards and materials. Similarly, PVP battles pit you against other players, deploying a set of strategic tactics to win these turn-based conflicts. The most valuable in-game currency is the SLP, Sweet Love Potion, which can be used to breed new Axie. It can fetch quite a pretty penny on the game’s very own marketplace. Axie’s popularity continues to grow with over 2 million, making it one of the best NFT games to earn money.

An official Axie Infinity app is apparently in the works but is not currently available on official iOS and Android stores. But all is not lost. Players can still download the game client and enjoy the game on their respective mobile devices. This does require a bit of a workaround, but it is still incredibly simple to follow and install. Always be sure to download these game clients from the official Axie Infinity website to avoid any unsavoury experiences. The Android version can simply be downloaded and installed, but the iOS version will need you to use the TestFlight app.


cryptokitties nft game - mrnftgames
We’re aware that CryptoKitties may sound incredibly odd as a game, but that’s only because it is. Rather than create some complex range of monsters that battle each other on screen, the developers of CryptoKitties have taken a simpler approach. The player’s goal here is to buy, breed and sell virtual cats. That’s right. Players will need to purchase their way into the game by buying their first set of kitties.
They can then mix their breeds together to create new and exciting virtual cat breeds. Describing it as exciting might be pushing it a little, but thanks to a detailed compendium of factors, cats in CryptoKitties have very distinct qualities and features. The better you mix and match these elements, the rarer the cat breed you will produce and the more money they’ll fetch on the marketplace. Presented in a sweet cartoon format, the cats are uniquely distinct through a 256-bit genome and DNA that are stored on the blockchain. Due to these circumstances, the game will eventually have to cap at 4 billion cats, though it still has a long way to go.

The game can easily be accessed on mobile. Though it was originally launched as an HTC exclusive, the game eventually opened to more devices. It can now be easily accessed from the palm of your hand on compatible Android and iOS devices. This way, you can keep breeding your cat collection wherever you are.

Gods Unchained

gods unchained nft game - mrnftgames
As the most popular NFT card game on the market, Gods Unchained has built a reputation for offering a near AAA NFT experience. Gorgeous visuals encapsulate this wonderful game, with stunning art direction and high-quality animations. Though it takes a page or two from Hearthstone’s playbook, the game manages to find its own identity. There is a constant stream of new content being released, increasing the various strategies that players will need to adopt to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.
The game applies a play-to-earn model on a free-to-play structure. What these fancy words mean is that you can play the game for free and make money doing so. While other games might have an expensive buy in bar, Gods Unchained can be played with no such limitations. Winning games against opponents rewards you with GODS tokens that can be used to purchase better cards or sold on the marketplace.

Gods Unchained is yet to announce the release of an official mobile app. Unfortunately, the workaround here is a bit more complicated than what you find with most other games. Without any form of mobile game client available, Gods Unchained cannot be run directly from your phone. But no one said it couldn’t be streamed. This can be done with relative ease by using Steam on PC and the Steam Link mobile app. In this ingenious way, the game can be streamed and enjoyed in its entirety on your Android or iOS device. Still, we hope Gods Unchained releases an official mobile app sooner rather than later.

Forest Knight

forest knight nft game - mrnftgames
Taking the form of a turn-based MMORPG, Forest Knight is a mediaeval fantasy NFT game. Players will need to collect items, craft and build accordingly, before exploring and battling in both PVE and PVP. Leaderboards offer the chance to compete with fellow players, as you scour the land in search of honour, glory and a unique crypto token called $KNIGHT.
Through a play-to-earn model, the game gives players the chance to cultivate the world’s assets, own them and sell them for a profit. Though it hasn’t launched in its full form yet, the game is already available, giving players the chance to try out the first few stages that have been completed. With a light-hearted visual style being used throughout, players will have to get through the multi-staged fights that the game has to offer. As you progress, you can upgrade your knights’ equipment or purchase new knights to bolster your ranks.

As it stands, the kingdom may be explored on both PC and Android. It is currently one of the few NFT mobile games only on Android. Even so, the game does promise to provide iOS support soon. Perhaps in comparing it to a non-NFT counterpart, Forest Knight can emulate Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Blades game. Perhaps not in terms of visuals and production quality, but certainly in terms of both the game’s structure, setting and gameplay.


sorare nft game - mrnftgames
Fantasy football has captured the minds and hearts of fans for generations. The beautiful game is loved by millions around the world who all dream of leading their very own squad to glory. Sorare immediately sought the NFT fantasy football crown and achieved this with ease by aligning itself with the likes of Gerald Pique, Antione Griezmann and more.
The game even managed to secure some of the biggest football leagues in the world, churning out official player cards for every season. Gameplay is intuitive and innovative, with new challenges and tournaments being held on a weekly basis. These competitions work in tandem with real life football, so it takes a real fan to make the right choices that might put them in the top spot each week. Recently, the game has pledged to improve its communication with players, creating new, personalised community updates. Its first update announced a brand new Sorare mobile app.

The dedicated mobile app tailors the experience for the small screen. It adds intuitive touch controls that make browsing through the game an absolute treat. The look and feel ties into Sorare’s revamped UI. The level of accessibility is important when playing a game with real-time scores being taken into account. The team even added additional features on the mobile app that make planning your next Sorare tournament easier than ever dealing with fantasy football, giving players the edge they need to strategize accordingly. It is currently one of the best NFT mobile games iOS has to offer and an Android version is currently in the works.

The Sandbox

the sandbox nft game - mrnftgames
Perhaps one of the most ambitious NFT games ever conceived, The Sandbox seeks to bring user generated and the metaverse to NFT gaming. Players can design and create their own in-game assets. These include new characters, inventory, items, attire, as well as environmental assets. Assets can then be minted into NFTs and sold on the game’s very own marketplace. They are then used in The Sandbox’s world building tool to create new game levels and worlds. The completed experiences can then be sold to players for a price.
The structure creates a very deep in-game economy that has drawn the attention of many big brands. The likes of Adidas, Atari, as well as Snoop Dogg, Avenged Sevenfold and The Walking Dead have already partnered with the game, recognising its metaverse potential. The result is a game with endless creative experiences, created by the players, for the players. Craft, Play, Share is the game’s tagline, giving players the power to experience it however they please.

The Sandbox had originally started off as a mobile game back in 2012, free of any NFT content. The idea was to provide players with a dedicated Minecraft like sandbox which used the platform as its ideal way to play. The game was eventually bought out by Animoca Brands in 2018 and the concept shifted into its current state. Although it has expanded both in size and scope, The Sandbox still maintained its mobile game roots. It is still available to download and play across both iOS and Android devices, making it one of the best NFT play to earn games on mobile.


splinterlands nft game - mrnftgames
Taking another jab at the NFT card game space is Splinterlands. Although it isn’t as popular as Gods Unchained, Splinterlands is still one of the most popular games on the platform. Established back in 2018, the card game emphasises player ownership, giving you the chance to win rare cards by playing against other players. The cards can be used to bolster you deck further or sold on the marketplace for a profit. Cards follow four elements available in Splinterlands. Players must build their decks and manage mana pools during battles to push their deck to victory
. Managing these resources on the fly is critical and can usually be the difference between winning and losing. The better your deck gets, the higher the rewards you get for winning battles. Players also earn the DEC token through taking part in tournaments and can then use it to further their in-game purchases. The game’s style is more akin to that found in trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! It gives the game a more colourful flair with a variety of cards bringing potentially game-changing skills to the table.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Splinterlands has over Gods Unchained is that it has official mobile apps on Android and iOS. The game can be very easily downloaded from the Play store or App store and run directly from your phone. No need to play around with streaming and such, making it one of the best NFT games for mobile phones.

League of Kingdoms

league of kingdoms nft game - mrnftgames
Strategy games have held a special place in many gamer’s hearts. Starting off as mainly PC titles, the genre has moved to both consoles and mobile devices. Although the latter has proven to be quite difficult to implement, mobile strategy games have been an absolute hit. Enter League of Kingdoms, the NFT strategy game that gives you tangible resources to amass and conquer. It plays out in a very similar way to Rise of Kingdoms, allowing players to build and upgrade their settlements.
The aim is the same as that of all strategy games; gather resources and prepare for battle. Players can fight AI monsters on the map, set up alliances with other players or invade and destroy opposing kingdoms. The choice is yours. Perhaps what has detracted some players are the abundance of pay to win mechanics that have been included. Players like to have an equal footing when competing with others and these sorts of inclusions tend to dampen an otherwise solid experience.

League of Kingdoms is available for download across both Android and iOS devices. Though it is also available on PC via web browsers, the experience feels tailored for mobile devices. Its ingenious UI allows for ease of navigation through touchscreen features, that makes you feel right at home when playing the game on the go. If you don’t mind the odd pay to win mechanic here and there, you might want to give League of Kingdoms a try on your favourite mobile device.

NFT Gaming on the Go

With that, we come to an end on our list of best NFT games for mobile. From fantasy football to card games, MMORPGs and more, mobile NFT games are incredibly varied, offering different players something that they can enjoy. As you yourself have now witnessed, there is still a way to go with NFT gaming and mobile devices. Some games can be accessed through official apps, while others require a bit of a workaround. But as time goes by and the platform gets even more popular, developers are shifting their gaze towards mobile devices. In this way, players get to enjoy the games they love on the devices they prefer, wherever they may be. The move towards mobile gaming also brings in a new audience, one that is very open to new concepts and ideas. In most cases, games are made available on both iOS and Android. Yet in some cases, apps are first developed for one OS before eventually being released on the other.

No matter what device and operating system you enjoy, you’ll be sure to find a healthy offering of fantastic mobile NFT games to enjoy. Which mobile NFT games will you be trying out first? Let us know in the comment section below.