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Welcome to MrNFTgames, the destination for all your NFT Gaming requirements! Sure, you might be wondering what NFT games are or how it is that gaming and blockchain have finally connected. Not to worry, our detailed pages will guide you through this new horizon of gaming opportunities. Here at MrNFTgames, we bring together guides, NFT News, as well as critic and user reviews to give you a fantastic overview of the NFT Gaming world.
With a focus on fantasy football-based titles, our insightful content tells you all about the latest developing trends, keeping you up to date with the best NFT games on this ever-changing market. Whether you’re an avid NFT gamer already or a likely fan who’s looking to familiarise themselves with this brave new world, we promise you’ll be jumping into great NFT gaming experiences in no time, lining your pockets with some precious crypto along the way.

Best NFT games 2022

Looking to join in on the most popular NFT games around? Wondering what the best play-to-earn NFT games are in 2022? At MrNFTgames, we strive to keep you updated with all the latest releases and trends, making sure you know exactly what the best NFT games on the market area.

How do we review the NFT games?

NFT games are technically still considered to be the new kid on the block. That’s why at MrNFTgames, we believe that players should have access to a high standard of critique on the games they will be playing. With every NFT game review we produce, we aim to deliver quality content that can give you insightful information on the NFT games that you consider playing. Our expert advice digs deep into the makings of NFT and blockchain games, exploring their inner workings to give you, the players, a complete overview of all the title’s highs and lows.
MrNFTgames reviews dissect NFT games on several fronts, including a game’s visual presentation, gameplay experience and play-to-earn feasibility. While visuals arguably do not make a game, having a strong visual direction can make a title stand out from the rest of the crowd. Innovation in this department is a plus, but it’s always something we’re looking for. Of course, the biggest allure in NFT gaming comes from the prospect of earning crypto, so we make sure that the game in question offers players an enticing gameplay loop. What does it feel like to play the game? Does it manage to sustain players’ interest along the way? How difficult is it to earn any notable NFT rewards? Our reviews answer all these questions and many more. Through our NFT game analysis, you will understand exactly what a game has to offer, so that you can make spend less time researching and more time playing.

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Real User’s NFT Games Reviews

Axie Infinity

Feels like Pokemon and Spawn’s NFT lovechild. Loads of fun creating new breeds of Axie. Tried this since it went free-to-play. Really enjoying my time so far, hoping to spawn some rare breeds :P. Great game overall, the NFT opportunities come as an added plus really.

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Cool take on a manager fantasy game. Quite a lot of players to collect. Excellent NFT game for fantasy football fans, easy to play and build your own squad.

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The Sandbox

Probably my favourite crypto game so far. Love the endless possibilities here, really cannot get enough. Feels like a perfect fit for an NFT game. Love the platform building mechanics in it. Not much of a worldbuilder myself, but I’ve really been enjoying everyone’s creations. Really amazing platform.

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Gods Unchained

Fresh take on the genre with a lot of focus on core players, loving it so far. Comin from Hearthstone, I really wasn’t expecting much, but it won me over really easily. Devs doing a great job. Loving the design and cards included, looking forward to see where this goes.

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Great, free-to-play NFT game. Just the sort of NFT football trading card game I was looking for. Played for three weeks and already played through a whole lot of tournaments. Highly recommend! Feels a bit generic, like every other fantasy football trading card game out there. Still manages to keep me playing though. Loads of licensed clubs and players, great […]

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